Beauty Therapy Pulborough / West Chiltington

Radiant Beauty Treatments Pulborough

Personal Statement: Claire has been a long haul cabin crew member for over 15 years now and has been very lucky to have travelled most of the world and sampled lots of different massage and beauty treatments which is when her interest in the beauty industry began.

With two young sons Claire has become a part time cabin crew member which has given her more time to focus on her beauty therapy treatments and she can also provide one to one wellness and lifestyle evaluations complimenting her husband Rob’s personal fitness training business.

Claire’s aim is to create a relaxing and peaceful environment with a country theme in her conservatory overlooking her private garden in West Chiltington, West Sussex.

Gift vouchers also available, ample free parking and ground floor location.

About Beauty Therapy: Beauty therapy is the art and science of making people look and feel better. Beauty therapists use a variety of face and body treatments and techniques to make their clients feel good and look their best. Today’s high standards of technology used in the production of beauty products mean that real improvements can be made.

Diploma in Beauty Therapy Level 3 NCFE – S.A.C. Dip (Stonebridge Associated College)
Carlton Institute – Diploma in Body Massage and Facial Treatments
Mobile Beauty Therapist course at Capital Crawley


Level 3 NCFE Diploma Course

Anatomy and physiology for beauty therapy
Understanding the skin and it’s functions
Procedures for consultation and skin analysis
Cleansing the skin – facial analysis
Facial massage
Mask therapy in facial treatments
Professional make-up treatments
Skin care / Hygiene ethics
Manicure and pedicure
Successful business management
Hand, foot and arm massage
Weight loss and control
Sienna X Spray Tan
Foundation Waxing
Naillux luxury Manicure and Pedicure
Marvel Lash semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

20% Discount […]

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Fitness Evolution

2016 is Underway!

Are You Trying A New Diet, Detox or Increasing Your Exercise?

No matter what you’ve been up to after returning to work I hope it has been going well for you. I’m personally not drinking alcohol for 6 weeks which will be longest I’ve gone without a drink since I was 18 years old!

Wanted to give my liver a good bit of time off and lose some unwanted body and visceral fat before my sub 40 minutes 10km attempt at Chichester 7th Feb.

I had my last drink 28th Dec as my wife was away working over New Years. Over the past 3 months we have had a lot of expensive car problems and Claire returned from Miami New Years Day and it broke down again on the way home and is currently in the garage as we’re trying to work out what to do with it.

It’s would normally be the perfect excuse to have a few drinks but we’re both being good and disciplined and only a few more weeks to go now – good luck if you’re doing a similar thing – I already feel better and lighter from it.


Every year around Christmas time I watch the final heats and main final of The Worlds Strongest Man which really impresses me as not only can they lift huge weights but there cardio and speed is pretty good too especially seeing that they all weigh between 20-28 stones!

This year they were doing Dead Lifts 370 kg as many reps as possible and the good ones did 5-7.

They said to the camera that 10 years ago 1 x 370 kg was a world record and now they’re doing that weight x 7 so it just goes to […]

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Injured? Water, Protein, Movement – Wine 5km, 10km, 15km Race Pulborough Sussex


Then Still Try To Train Your Other Body Parts


Cardiovascular (CV) exercise is most beneficial for your heart and lungs and can help you to live longer and lessen your chances of developing cardio respiratory diseases. If you run, swim or cycle fast enough to make it challenging it can also help burn calories and tone you up.

When you lift weights / do resistance training or circuit training etc you create tiny little micro tears in your muscles.

Once they have rested they and over a period of training time they come back stronger, more toned and the more muscles you have the greater your metabolism which helps tone you up.

Your active muscles need plenty of water and protein.

Water hydrates all your body cells and also aids digestion getting rid of unwanted body fat and protein is the building blocks for your muscles.

Most guys in the gym only train their upper body – they get big upper bodies but wear trousers so they don’t show of their small skinny odd legs!

If they knew anything about training then they would train their legs a lot more.

The legs are the biggest muscles in the body – the more tears you put in your muscles the more your body creates protease which is an enzyme that coverts protein.

So if those guys wanted to get even bigger they should train their legs too as the extra protease would benefit their upper body to as it circulates all round your body.

That’s why when you’re injured you should still try to train as much as possible your other body groups as they will increase your recovery time.

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What / when / if… should you eat before exercise


Thank you to Patricia N-A for suggesting I write this blog, especially for some of the new people just starting out a new lifelong long term life changing exercise routine it will take a bit of time to get your exercise diet perfected (any other suggestions on topics you would like to read about please let me know know).

Early morning exercise e.g. 6.30am:
When you wake up and move / exercise your body needs roughly at least 60 calories of energy straight away. If you don’t eat anything those sixty calories will come from the glycogen store in your brain! That’s why sometimes people feel rough, giddy, tired when they exercise on an empty stomach first thing. Your muscles / body needs energy but your brain does too so it’s not a good idea to lose the stored energy in your brain!

Instead try eating something even if it’s very small 15-25 minutes before a a very early morning work out like:

Orange juice
1 piece of brown toast

Just something easy to digest roughly 80-150 calories then you should feel a lot better and also when you feel better and have more energy then you can train harder which burns more calories rather than an easier session on an empty stomach.

Mid morning workout e.g. 9.30am:
You might have been up […]

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30 minutes exercise a day for these 6 benefits:

6 benefits of just 30 minutes running from ‘THE RUNNING BUG’

It’s frustrating when you’re pushed for time but you really want to get a decent run / circuit training in. We know all too well.

Well, it’s time to grab that 30 minute window and get out there and run / circuit train. Why? Because just 30 minutes is all you need.


Here are the Running Bug’s 6 benefits of just 30 minutes running / boot camp circuit training:

1. Continuous fat burn

Running for just 15-30 minutes will kick start your metabolism. It’s so much better to think ‘I have 30 mins therefore I’m going to get a quick run in’ than ‘ah, I only have half an hour so I won’t bother’ which is SO easily done. Not only do you burn fat and use calories when you run but your body continues to burn fat after exercise.


After you run, your body goes into EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and the energy from carbohydrates and fats is recruited to heal damaged tissues and restore your body to its pre-exercise state. This can last for 15 minutes and up to 48 hours meaning your body is STILL burning fat.

2. Happiness

You’ll release all those wonderful endorpins and feel different again for that run out. Even if you only manage 10 minutes. Often, a quick blast is much more beneficial than a long run as you avoid the post run tiredness and it makes you feel alive and revitalised. You will also feel much more accomplished for making the effort to go […]

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How often do you weigh yourself?

size chart people

What No. On Above Are You?

What number would you like to be?

Numbers 1-3 are too thin / skinny / malnutrition
Numbers 7-10 are too heavy / large / overweight / obese

Some times people are naturally a bit thinner or stockier than others so depending on YOURSELF numbers 4, 5 or 6 are good to work towards / maintain!

How often do you jump on your scales?

Everyday! That’s probably too much and can become obsessive and you won’t see much movement day to day which can bring you down mentally.

Never, I don’t own any scales! Even people who look like they’re in good shape can sometimes be too heavy or too light and specially on good fat / hydration scales sometimes people who look in good shape can be dehydrated or have high levels of dangerous fat. If you’re in this category try to buy some decent body fat scales and weigh yourself at least once a month!

Once a week! Weekly isn’t too bad, sometimes people do it at the same time every week e.g. first thing Saturday or Sunday morning and can help people to know if they’re slipping of the wagon or if they’re getting really close to achieving their goals.

Once a fortnight! Isn’t too bad either – again especially with some informative body fat scales sometimes people might have generic reasons or if you change your diet without noticing your body might be changing for the worse (or good).

It’s always a good idea to weigh yourself at least a month / fortnightly or weekly is good too. Everyday is good sometimes for a few days only if you’ve just radically changed your diet / eating habits or started exercising […]

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Can you walk 6.2 km? Can you walk 3.1 km to earn a medal?

Walk… Jog… Run…

My race is great for walkers too = all ages and abilities!

Some people like to go out for a Sunday walk. My walk event comes with support, friendly marshals, water, protein bars, free HD photos and a chance to earn a medal… so it’s not like you’re ordinary walk.

If you have teenage children they can walk with you but they can’t officially take part so only pay for yourself please as all participants have to be 18+.

On the same date (Sunday 8th February) which has scuppered me a bit there’s a famous Chichester 10 km and Wokingham half marathon + Punchbowl Marathon!

That doesn’t bother me though as that’s for serious hard core runners and my event is mainly for my friends, family, clients, boot camp members and your friends and family = it’s going to be a really sociable affair.

Don’t get me wrong I know some of you are great competitive runners (and sociable too) and that’s awesome as well and you can try to beat my 15.5 km time of 1 hour 19 minutes / try to cover as much distance as you can in 1.5 hours and the further you do the tougher it will be!

All ages and abilities and I would like to see all of you come along and walk at least 3.1 km but in theory you could all easily walk 6.2 km in less than 1.5 hours so you can treat it as one of my best social SCENIC fitness events ever!

If you could copy, paste and share and JOIN this Facebook Event Link that would be great thanks: https://www.facebook.com/events/309288252589680/

Full details and to book: http://www.getfitbootcamp.co.uk/event/cross-country-run/

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What would you eat first?

What would you eat first?!

Chocolate… or a piece of fruit?!

Happy New Year and good luck with your New Year’s Resolutions / Detox. We had a great Christmas, drank and ate too much new years eve but I went out for a little jog and some chin ups new years day afternoon to burn some of it off! I felt much better afterwards, sweating is a good way to detox 🙂

If you went out for a picnic or took some lunch to work. If you packed the following items (favourite chocolate / chocolate bar, apple, banana, nuts, apricots, dates, low GI biscuits etc) what would you eat first or what would you be strongly drawn to eat first?

I know what I would eat first… the chocolate. I would probably eat it for no reason and way before I was actually hungry and deserved it. It’s just psychological temptation in the picnic bag.

Same thing for me at home if I know I have some wine gums in the cupboard, Hagaan Das Ice cream in the freezer, beers in the fridge they’re always calling me.

Like the magical ring in Lord of The Rings (you can’t start calling me Smeagle or Gollum hehe!).

Best thing to do is not buy it, not pack it, don’t think about it.

If you don’t buy stodge then you can’t eat stodge.

Donate or seriously hide all your unhealthy treats and alchohol if you’re serious about losing some weight / body fat in January.

Then introduce it back slowly and make sure it’s a treat = 2 times a week not eevry single day. GOOD LUCK.

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10 Fat Burning Exercises

Great exercises for losing weight – by REAL BUZZ

If you want to shed pounds and burn fat then you need to use up more calories than you put into your body. To burn these calories make sure you eat healthily and that you use these 10 fat-blasting exercises.

Great exercises for losing weight: Kettlebells

Interval training

Interval training, whether you do it on a bike, on a rowing machine or through running, is one of the best fat-blasting exercises. When you do interval trainingsessions both your adrenaline and growth hormone levels increase. These hormones help to burn fat and they also suppress your appetite, which is good news if you want to lose weight.

The plank

As well as firming up your core, the plank will help you to lose weight because it requires your body to use up calories. To make this exercise harder push your body up from the plank position and support your weight using one hand, before bringing up your other hand and supporting your weight with that too.  Once you are in this position return to the plank before repeating.


Kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they excellent at toning up flabby areas, the aerobic nature of common kettle bell exercises helps you to burn fat because these exercises increase your heart rate. Kettle bells also help you to burn fat because they build muscle and the more muscle mass a person has the more calories they burn.

Run just below your lactate threshold

The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that men who were relatively unfit burnt more fat when they ran just below […]

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5 Foods You Should Eat

Nutrition and diet advice

Scott – Some of you may remember last year that I was working with Gatorade and had to do a food diary which showed how BAD my diet was. From this, I learnt a lot about the sorts of things I should be eating, both before and after training. There are some things that I have now made routine and have included these in the list below. I really believe they have made a difference in how I felt during my tough running days. Blog from REAL BUZZ.

This is written by Scott Overall not me Rob Dale but again and again I’m always going on about for water and more protein. Graham G and I both used Herbalife protein fitness shakes before we did the London Marathon and for training and we both did fine. If you want to try some let me know as I can supply it to you for a discount. I’m trying to lose 10 lbs in weight (all body fat and no muscle loss) in 15 days so I have increased my water, protein, Herbalife protein shakes for breakfast and after training and Herbalife protein bar for snacks… (my target = 10 lbs loss in 15 days) I’ll let you know how I get on!

Written by Scott Overall Scott is a British long distance athlete who represented Team GB at the 2012 Olympics. His marathon PB is currently 2:10:55.

Protein powder

This is very important to the recovery time in between runs. After a session and long run days, so about three to four times a week, in the evening the last thing I have before I go to bed […]

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