What would you eat first?!

Chocolate… or a piece of fruit?!

Happy New Year and good luck with your New Year’s Resolutions / Detox. We had a great Christmas, drank and ate too much new years eve but I went out for a little jog and some chin ups new years day afternoon to burn some of it off! I felt much better afterwards, sweating is a good way to detox ūüôā

If you went out for a picnic or took some lunch to work. If you packed the following items (favourite chocolate / chocolate bar, apple, banana, nuts, apricots, dates, low GI biscuits etc) what would you eat first or what would you be strongly drawn to eat first?

I know¬†what¬†I would eat first… the chocolate. I would¬†probably eat it for no reason and way before I was actually hungry and deserved it. It’s just¬†psychological¬†temptation¬†in the picnic bag.

Same thing for me at home if I know I have some wine gums in the cupboard, Hagaan Das Ice cream in the freezer, beers in the fridge they’re¬†always¬†calling me.

Like the magical ring in Lord of The Rings (you can’t start calling me Smeagle or Gollum hehe!).

Best thing to do is not buy it, not pack it, don’t think about it.

If you don’t buy stodge then you can’t eat stodge.

Donate or seriously hide all your unhealthy treats¬†and alchohol if you’re serious about losing some weight / body fat in January.

Then introduce it back slowly and make sure it’s a treat = 2 times a week not eevry single day. GOOD LUCK.