Walk… Jog… Run…

My race is great for walkers too = all ages and abilities!

Some people like to go out for a Sunday walk. My walk event comes with support, friendly marshals, water, protein bars, free HD photos and a chance to earn a medal… so it’s not like you’re ordinary walk.

If you have teenage children they can walk with you but they can’t officially take part so only pay for yourself please as all participants have to be 18+.

On the same date (Sunday 8th February) which has scuppered me a bit there’s a famous Chichester 10 km and Wokingham half marathon + Punchbowl Marathon!

That doesn’t bother me though as that’s for serious hard core runners and my event is mainly for my friends, family, clients, boot camp members and your friends and family = it’s going to be a really sociable affair.

Don’t get me wrong I know some of you are great competitive runners (and sociable too) and that’s awesome as well and you can try to beat my 15.5 km time of 1 hour 19 minutes / try to cover as much distance as you can in 1.5 hours and the further you do the tougher it will be!

All ages and abilities and I would like to see all of you come along and walk at least 3.1 km but in theory you could all easily walk 6.2 km in less than 1.5 hours so you can treat it as one of my best social SCENIC fitness events ever!

If you could copy, paste and share and JOIN this Facebook Event Link that would be great thanks: https://www.facebook.com/events/309288252589680/

Full details and to book: http://www.getfitbootcamp.co.uk/event/cross-country-run/