Get Fit Boot Camp PULBOROUGH, West Sussex

We’re a results driven Group Personal Training company with over sixteen years experience and we’re looking for sociable, hard working and motivated members who will follow and benefit from our proven programme and not hide behind excuses.

No one gets muddy and there’s no military style shouting.  Just people of all ages and abilities who have taken the challenge of changing their health, fitness and lifestyle for the better by training outdoors in the fresh air and having fun at the same time.

All sessions are run by fully qualified and insured personal trainers and we will make sure that you’re doing the most effective exercises to maximise your training time no matter what your goal is – weight loss, fat loss, body toning or improving your strength/stamina/posture etc…

Our workouts are a fun mixture of circuit training, boxercise, kettlebells, yoga… and they’re more beneficial than going to the gym for the same old boring workout or going out for a jog on your own. Your first 60 mins boot camp session is free, click here > Trial Session

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Race Bookings

Sunday 19 May & September TBC - 10.45am

PULBOROUGH VINEYARD RUN - 5km 10km 15km 20km HM

Race Bookings
  • All ages and abilities

  • All weathers and all seasons

  • Better than the gym!

  • Fun, effective, sociable sessions

  • Flexible pay as you go (PAYG)

  • Personal training also available

  • Run event twice a year that comes with cake & wine!

  • Health/fitness newsletters & much more

  • Covid-19 Secure