Get Fit Boot Camp Guildford and Pulborough

We’re a results driven Group Personal Training company with over ten years experience and we’re looking for sociable, hard working and motivated members who will follow and benefit from our proven programme and not hide behind excuses.

No one gets muddy and there’s no military style shouting.  Just people of all ages and abilities who have taken the challenge of changing their health, fitness and lifestyle for the better by training outdoors in the fresh air and having fun at the same time.

All sessions are run by fully qualified and insured personal trainers and we will make sure that you’re doing the most effective exercises to maximise your training time no matter what your goal is – weight loss, fat loss, body toning or improving your strength/stamina/posture etc…

Our workouts are a fun mixture of circuit training, boxercise, kettlebells, yoga… and they’re more beneficial than going to the gym for the same old boring workout or going out for a jog on your own. Your first 50 mins boot camp session is half price, click here > Trial Session

Race Bookings

Sunday 14th May - 10.45am start

Cross County Run - Nutbourne Vineyards, Sussex - 50 spaces

Race Bookings

  • All ages and abilities

  • All weathers and all seasons

  • Better than the gym!

  • April 2017 Lanzarote Beach Boot Camp

  • Fun, effective, sociable sessions

  • Flexible pay as you go (PAYG)

  • Monthly subscriptions also available

  • Health/fitness newsletters & much more

Success stories

I joined Rob’s early morning Burpham boot camp back in January (yes there was snow on the ground!). Before that I been doing some gym work for a few months in an effort to get fit having lost weight but my gym partner moved away and I found it difficult to motivate myself to exercise.
Sarah, Burpham Boot Camp
I attend two sessions a week, either before or after work on a Tuesday and also Saturday morning. I find boot camps far more enjoyable than pure gym sessions as there is greater social interaction with a great variety of exercises so boredom is never a problem.
Stuart, Burpham Boot Camp
I joined boot camp in the spring having seen a local advert, realising that training and getting fit outdoors really sounded appealing to me. I run frequently with my dog but felt I needed a new challenge in the quest for a certain fitness level and keeping extra unwanted pounds at bay.
Lisa, Burpham Boot Camp
I played football for 30 years but finally gave up in 2009, being over 50 it was time to stop. However, having stopped I put on weight and lost a lot of strength in my legs which meant my dodgy knees started to give me a lot of trouble. Having visited a physiotherapist they recommended regular exercises to strengthen and then maintain the muscles supporting the knee.
Andy, Burpham Boot Camp
I would certainly recommend Rob’s sessions to people of all abilities as I believe he maintains the challenge for the fitter participants while still managing to make the less fit people feel that they are achieving a lot and show improvements. This is the key differentiator as previous types of bootcamps that I have tried have always tried to get everyone working at the pace of the fastest / fittest so if you are less fit you just end up demotivated and give up.
Anneliese, Burpham Boot Camp
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