Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in joining our Group Personal Training programme. All our personal trainers are fully qualified and insured and you will find them friendly and approachable and able to motivate people in a positive way.

There’s no shouting and no one gets muddy. Our results driven programme runs 52 weeks a year in all seasons and all weather – the sessions are never cancelled.

The team are very lucky to have a wide and diverse mix of sociable boot camp members of all ages and abilities and from all walks of life. Please fill out our health questionnaire before you attend:

Complete health questionnaire

Please feel free to work at your own pace during your trial session and take rest when you need it. You can ask the personal trainer for any advice as you go along.

After your session the personal trainer will chat to you to see how you got on then you will receive an e-mail to explain how to join our club which is also detailed on our > Membership & Prices page which includes many benefits.

E-mail saying what your current fitness level is like and what free trial session you would like to come along to.

Covid-19 Secure / Support Group Page

  • E-mail

  • Fill out our online > health questionnaire before you attend

  • Bring a water bottle with you

  • Bring an old beach towel, yoga mat or exercise mat with you

  • Wear comfortable running / trail trainers and gym clothes

  • Visit our > FAQs page for full details of the exercises that we normally do

  • Work at your own pace and feel free to ask the personal trainer or other boot camp members any questions

  • Stay around for a few minutes afterwards to have a chat to the personal trainer

  • Excellent value monthly subscription plans available and also pay as you go up to 1 minute before the session starts

  • If you would like to join after please visit our > Membership & Prices page

  • We look forward to meeting you soon and hope you enjoy your workout

“Be stronger than your excuses. Commitment and Attendance = Results! Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi