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What No. On Above Are You?

What number would you like to be?

Numbers 1-3 are too thin / skinny / malnutrition
Numbers 7-10 are too heavy / large / overweight / obese

Some times people are naturally a bit thinner or stockier than others so depending on YOURSELF numbers 4, 5 or 6 are good to work towards / maintain!

How often do you jump on your scales?

Everyday! That’s probably too much and can become obsessive and you won’t see much movement day to day which can bring you down mentally.

Never, I don’t own any scales! Even people who look like they’re in good shape can sometimes be too heavy or too light and specially on good fat / hydration scales sometimes people who look in good shape can be dehydrated or have high levels of dangerous fat. If you’re in this category try to buy some decent body fat scales and weigh yourself at least once a month!

Once a week! Weekly isn’t too bad, sometimes people do it at the same time every week e.g. first thing Saturday or Sunday morning and can help people to know if they’re slipping of the wagon or if they’re getting really close to achieving their goals.

Once a fortnight! Isn’t too bad either – again especially with some informative body fat scales sometimes people might have generic reasons or if you change your diet without noticing your body might be changing for the worse (or good).

It’s always a good idea to weigh yourself at least a month / fortnightly or weekly is good too. Everyday is good sometimes for a few days only if you’ve just radically changed your diet / eating habits or started exercising as over a few days you might notice a good bit of change but once the change / short term results slow down then also slow down the amount of times you jump on the scales so it doesn’t become overwhelming – good luck!