2016 is Underway!

Are You Trying A New Diet, Detox or Increasing Your Exercise?

No matter what you’ve been up to after returning to work I hope it has been going well for you. I’m personally not drinking alcohol for 6 weeks which will be longest I’ve gone without a drink since I was 18 years old!

Wanted to give my liver a good bit of time off and lose some unwanted body and visceral fat before my sub 40 minutes 10km attempt at Chichester 7th Feb.

I had my last drink 28th Dec as my wife was away working over New Years. Over the past 3 months we have had a lot of expensive car problems and Claire returned from Miami New Years Day and it broke down again on the way home and is currently in the garage as we’re trying to work out what to do with it.

It’s would normally be the perfect excuse to have a few drinks but we’re both being good and disciplined and only a few more weeks to go now – good luck if you’re doing a similar thing – I already feel better and lighter from it.


Every year around Christmas time I watch the final heats and main final of The Worlds Strongest Man which really impresses me as not only can they lift huge weights but there cardio and speed is pretty good too especially seeing that they all weigh between 20-28 stones!

This year they were doing Dead Lifts 370 kg as many reps as possible and the good ones did 5-7.

They said to the camera that 10 years ago 1 x 370 kg was a world record and now they’re doing that weight x 7 so it just goes to show how training and nutrition etc can make people stronger and faster and why world records are still constantly being built.

Most sports have a bad reputation for drug abuse and cheating so sometimes that plays into it but I still like to believe that there are lots of clean athletes doing amazing things too!


Newlands Corner, Guildford very scenic and sociable and would be great to see you all there.

No-one will get lost of left behind, different circuits and drills working at your own pace for all ages and abilities and some people walk the whole thing (even walking up and down there for an hour is great going).

For full details of where to meet and to pay etc please visit: www.getfitbootcamp.co.uk/event/hill-club-2


These will take place at my house / double garage so indoor option available if needed after the first 30 minutes of walking or jogging up and down my local scenic gentle hill.

Limited to just 8 spaces – all ages and abilities & social.

Please e-mail any February Sunday dates that you can do and I’ll choose the most popular one.

For full details, prices and benefits please visit: www.getfitbootcamp.co.uk/pulborough-super-session


Please do a google for overseas Portugal or Tenerife Beach Boot Camps.

Most will cost £800 to £1500 for a week and for some of them you won’t be allowed alcohol and will be on restricted calorie boring diets so a pretty grim time away really.

I have run my 4* all inclusive ALGARVE Beach Boot Camp for the past 3 years and everyone has had a great time and said how amazing value it was – please check out our Facebook page to see all the photos / people that go / all ages and abilities / hotel rooms / resort swimming pool and beach photos etc.

Any questions let me know and hopefully you can commit and book your own flights in the next 6 weeks or so as it is honestly an awesome break away!