Then Still Try To Train Your Other Body Parts


Cardiovascular (CV) exercise is most beneficial for your heart and lungs and can help you to live longer and lessen your chances of developing cardio respiratory diseases. If you run, swim or cycle fast enough to make it challenging it can also help burn calories and tone you up.

When you lift weights / do resistance training or circuit training etc you create tiny little micro tears in your muscles.

Once they have rested they and over a period of training time they come back stronger, more toned and the more muscles you have the greater your metabolism which helps tone you up.

Your active muscles need plenty of water and protein.

Water hydrates all your body cells and also aids digestion getting rid of unwanted body fat and protein is the building blocks for your muscles.

Most guys in the gym only train their upper body – they get big upper bodies but wear trousers so they don’t show of their small skinny odd legs!

If they knew anything about training then they would train their legs a lot more.

The legs are the biggest muscles in the body – the more tears you put in your muscles the more your body creates protease which is an enzyme that coverts protein.

So if those guys wanted to get even bigger they should train their legs too as the extra protease would benefit their upper body to as it circulates all round your body.

That’s why when you’re injured you should still try to train as much as possible your other body groups as they will increase your recovery time.

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