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What if I have an injury or take medication, can I still take part in the sessions?

If you have any queries regarding an injury you have or any medication you are currently taking then please contact us and we will advise whether it is suitable for you to take part or not.

On the Trial Session page you can fill out our Medical History / Health Questionnaire which will highlight any health problems you might have or if there is a need to visit your doctor before starting.

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Will the sessions ever be cancelled?

Sessions will only be cancelled in extraordinary circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions like the foot of snow that fell and laid in Surrey in February 2009 and that made the roads un-driveable.

During the snow that fell in Surrey in January 2011 we still ran the boot camps as the roads were fine to drive on and the members who turned up said they had fun training in the snow.

We’ve done approximately 60 sessions in the snow so far and it’s like training in ‘Narnia’ – you can see 16 of our members having a great time at one of our sessions on our Facebook photo albums page and they all got very hot and took of layers!

For any sessions that cannot take place and that you have paid for then you will receive a full refund via PayPal within 48 hours.

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Does boot camp ever end?

No, we run them all year long in all weathers and all seasons. We have an excellent team of friendly, experienced, fully qualified and insured personal trainers and we try our best to make sure that every session is covered.

There might be an occasional few days throughout the year that a few members of the team are on holiday / not available to run them but you’ll be able to see from the timetable which ones are not on as normal and we will also mention them in our newsletters.

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What if it’s dark during the winter early morning and evening sessions?

Our fat burning and body toning sessions run all year round. All ours are run in very good and safe locations and there is plenty of light from the car park lights / street lights. It’s beneficial to keep training all year round so you don’t lose the fitness that you acquired during the summer months.

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What if it rains during the outdoor boot camps?

The sessions will still take place even if it is raining. If the forecast is ‘iffy’ then bring a baseball gap or light thin waterproof / water resistant jacket to keep you drier. It’s good to exercise in the rain as your body burns more calories trying to evaporate the water that is on your skin. You’ll soon be warm after just 5 minutes and be amazed that you’ll be wanting to take off layers!

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What’s the difference between boot camp and having a workout at the local gym?

Most people go to the gym for 60 minutes but only actually exercise for 30-40 minutes. Queuing for and wiping down equipment, playing around with iPods or individual TV sets, performing a set of isolated repetitions on a resistance machine before having a 1-2 minute break or struggling to find some room to do stomach, lower back work or stretches on a mat take up the majority time of a gym workout. Boot Camps are fun and focused circuit training sessions but the main goal is to have a good beneficial workout.

Circuit training = Maximum results in minimum time!

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What’s the age range of people attending boot camp / can I bring my children?

The largest age range of people that attend our group personal training programme is 30 to 45 years old but we also have many members who are 45 to 65 years old and also 18 to 30 years old as our sociable and effective sessions cater for all ages and abilities.

Sometimes (mainly during school holidays) some members bring along their children for a few sessions who are aged 14 to 17 years old which is fine as long as you accompany them and they join in properly. Please fill out an online health questionnaire for both yourself and any children you bring along.

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How many people will take part in the boot camps?

Boot camps are group based circuit training sessions. Some sessions are busier than others and throughout the years depending on members holidays and work the session numbers will vary.

For most sessions there are normally about  6 – 18 people that join in of all ages and abilities.

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I would say that I’m very fit at the moment, will I get fitter from these sessions?

Yes. It’s been proven that people work harder and longer when they are exercising in a group or being trained one to one when compared to training by themselves. That’s why all the top athletes and sports people in the world have coaches and training teams to maximise their training and results. If you put 100% effort in during the sessions and push yourself as hard as you can your fitness should improve or at least be maintained at that high level.

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How much fat and weight will I lose?

The answer to this question depends on how disciplined you can be over a 6 week period. Exercise is great for burning calories, losing weight and fat but only if you have a sensible lifestyle. There’s no point training 1 or 2 times a day all week long if you spend the rest of the time smoking, drinking too much alcohol and eating unhealthy meals and snacks. Upon joining our club we will e-mail you an ‘Everything in Moderation’ advice guide with lifestyle tips ranging from getting enough sleep to eating healthily. If followed correctly and combined with boot camps you should soon feel fitter and notice some weight loss and a loser fit in your clothes.

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