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I’m not very fit at the moment / haven’t trained for a long time, how will I find the sessions?

The great thing about boot camp is that everyone works to their own ability and there are different difficulty levels of all the exercises to cater for all people no matter how unfit they are. New members might be nervous for the first session but the training team will be there to correct your technique if needed and motivate you along the way. We’re sure you’ll soon find that you are good at some exercises and can work to improve the exercises that you find hard at first.

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The weekly 500+ calorie boot camps last for 45 minutes, is that long enough to achieve my goals?

Yes. Your body and mind can work pretty much non stop without getting bored for 45 minutes and the key is to work at a high intensity over a shorter period of time rather than a long duration at low intensity. If you exercise your whole body for 45 minutes and increase your body temperature, circulation, heart rate, lung and muscle function then that will increase your metabolism and burn calories during and after the session helping you to achieve your goals.

Plus we also run some longer 60 and 90 minute sessions 3-4 times a month to burn extra calories and take your fitness level up a notch which are great to do a few times a month as you would get too fatigued if you did them too often.

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Will it be anything like a military boot camp such as in films like ‘GI Jane’, ‘Jarhead’ ‘Full Metal Jacket’ etc?

No. Shouting, pressurising and chasing recruits around is beneficial in the armed forces as they need to be able to operate under extreme pressure and fatigue levels. With our sports science background we have always adopted the ‘good cop’ approach. We achieve our aims and help our members get fitter and great results by being fair and by encouraging people to exercise to the best of their abilities. The only thing that will get muddy is the soles of your trainers.

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Will I be sore sometimes from taking part in the sessions?

If you haven’t exercised for a while or haven’t done any circuit training type exercise before then you might be a little bit sore after the workout. Some people feel the soreness 24 hrs, 48 hrs or 72 hrs after the workout. It’s known as Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMs) and is the sign of a good workout but shouldn’t be unbearably painful. After doing a few boot camps your body will become more used to the exercises and the soreness will become less and less as you become fitter.

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What are the benefits of attending boot camp?

From attending boot camp either once, twice or three times a week for 6 weeks in a row you can increase your overall health and fitness. A short list of the benefits are weight loss, fat loss, body toning, improved energy levels, improved posture, increased speed, stamina and strength to name just a few.

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What are boot camps?

Boot camps are circuit training sessions that work the whole body and cater for all ages and abilities. They comprise of exercises that use your own body weight, equipment or park apparatus in order to train certain muscle groups, for example sit-ups, squats, lunges, press-ups, boxing, kettlebells, short sprints, bench dips, skipping, yoga, pilates…

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