Here’s the link to an interesting Daily Mail article from yesterday which won’t take you too long to read through:

A spokesman for, who created the bread, said: ‘Everyone knows that a high protein, low carbohydrate diet is ideal for losing weight and building muscle and thousands of athletes and keep fit enthusiasts try to maintain this type of diet.’

‘But avoiding carbs isn’t easy, particularly bread. So we saw a gap in the market for a new kind of bread, one with a much lower carbohydrate content than normal bread and a much higher protein content. ‘The best bit is it actually tastes like gorgeous bread, not cardboard but proper, freshly made bread.’

‘It is more expensive than high fat bread but you wouldn’t compare the cost of a fatty chocolate bar to a protein bar, so you shouldn’t compare the cost of Protein Bread with high carb, high fat, low protein traditional bread.

Rob’s Views:

  • It is expensive but like the experts say, your body is an engine and you have to pay a little bit more to put high quality oil and petrol into it to make function and look better.
  • Train like an athlete, eat like an athlete, hydrate like an athlete, sleep like an athlete and eventually you will be in nearly as good a shape as a full time athlete!
  • Buying protein snacks and food groups from the supermarket can be expensive like Greek Yoghurt, their protein bars, shakes, lean steaks, eggs, turkey, chicken etc.
  • I eat most of the above on a daily basis but also incorporate some high quality lower priced tasty Herbalife products into my diet to help keep me full and boost my protein / muscles / energy levels.
  • I think 15g per slice is a bit over the top. It’s fine for people that only have two slices of bread for breakfast as now it will have 30g of protein in it but for anyone adding egg, turkey, chicken, tuna etc to a sandwich they’ll be wasting money as your body can only absorb about 30g of protein in one sitting.
  • I would recommend using one regular slice of wholemeal bread, with a healthy filling and one slice of the protein bread then that would give you a good sensible amount of protein for that sitting.