Before you say it… no I wasn’t overtraining. I actually had my quietest week, less mileage, most rest days and decent amount of sleep etc when I was unlucky and became ill… very ill 🙁 Monday evening I went to my first ever really busy late evening 8.15pm till 9.30pm Red Hot Yoga session. I normally went to finish of my paid sessions 10am Mondays of Wednesdays and everyone was clean and had lots of space as only about 12/40 spaces taken.

On that Monday evening there was 35/40 spaces taken. We were crammed in there like sardines. I could hear the instructor but couldn’t see her.

My face was two inches from the front mirror and when I lifted my leg to the rear I had two females breathing on my leg. All tis 38-42 degrees Celsius and people must have been ill and dirty after being at work all day. Bacteria heaven!!!

Tuesday afternoon went for a little scenic 8 mile jog up Staples Lane plenty of fresh air. Then bang the following Wednesday morning I’ve never felt so ill.

All my muscles and joints were so cold sore stiff in flexible I felt like an 80 year old (no offence). I could barely move and it felt better to lean over and hang my head. I wrapped up big time even though it was warm and sunny in the daytime.

I never have naps and I had a nap both Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and slept like a baby.

Friday woke up and went into our en-suite and nearly passed out collapsed and just managed to hold myself up on my sink. Went back to bed and called and called my son’s and wife until ten minutes later Claire came to the rescue. She made me a 12:15pm emergency doctor’s appointment and I rested till then and had a luke warm bath to bring down my 38.8 fever.

Scariest thing was my pulse heart rate (RHR) is normally 65-71 and after laying in bed all day and sitting peacefully in waiting room with doctor’s fingerprint scanner it was 91 which is way too high.

Eyes burning and tired
Nose blocked up
Ears blocked up
Flu /chest infection
Hurts when breathe
Noisy breathing
Painful cough
So thirsty
Tired achy joints not eating too much food not much energy

I scrubbed all personal training on Friday for the first time in my 9 year history which cost me a bit financially but can’t be helped.

Then the sleep games began! Friday and Saturday night I could hardly sleep and kept waking up every 45 minutes to 2 hours as if I had just gotten out of a swimmig pool / Niagra Falls. I slept a bit better last night and got PT Alex to cover 6.30am for me and I feel a bit better now.

Survived just running Burpham and Hersham boot camps Saturday morning but had to pull out / not compete at the inaugural Guildford Surrey half marathon that I had paid and trained for and was really looking forward to. My members said afterwards it was a great event and atmosphere.

My arch rival nemesis Graham G who I was going to beat did an awesome time in the heat of 1 hr 31 minutes.

I might / would have done 1 hr 27 minutes but we’ll never know now 🙁

Graham will easily beat me at 20 mile Cranleigh Spitfire this Sunday. I’m as weak as a kitten. I think I would have rather had an injury that stopped me running for 2 weeks rather than an illness.

The illness has affected my hydration, appetite, weight, muscle mass levels, sleep etc and will take me a long time to get anywhere near the long distance hilly sub 7 minute miles I was running a fortnight ago.

If I had foot or leg injury I could have still gone swimming maybe or done planks sit ups etc but with the illness even walking up a flight of stairs kills me off.

People who saw me at the last Newland’s Hill corner could see how fit I was I ran up and down it like a mad man with no rest of water stops for 60 minutes and wasn’t even that tired at the end 🙂

SINUSITIS takes most people 2.5 weeks to clear according to the NHS website. Then FLU / CHEST INFECTION at last 7 days of anitiobiotics has all come at a very bad and annoying time so close to the London Marathon I had two more weeks of long hard runs then two weeks easy taper which has all gone to pot now.

No way I’ll be able to run a sub 3 hour now without my head exploding. Small chance depending on when I’m back to 100% I might be able to do 3:14 or I’ll just take it easy and enjoy the atmosphere and go for 3:29 which means Graham G will beat me for that too (more tissue and violins please for Rob hehe). SEE YOU SOON AND THANKS FOR YOUR WELL WISHES 🙂