Half term is now finished and it really is time to jump back on the horse and kickstart your fitness regime in time for spring / summer.

It has to be the mildest winter in history! The midges were out yesterday morning at 6.30am very early morning before work boot camp it was dry and 10 degrees Celsius. It was barmy. I was hot just standing around. People exercising were roasting hehe so you can’t use cold temperatures as an excuses. Even if it is cold or wet you burn more calories which is a bonus.

The mornings and evenings are getting longer / brighter and milder and March onwards it will be splendid so grab your water bottle, exercise mat and trainers and get your butt back down to the park!

No more excuses. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


You’re not going to live a longer fuller life or look or feel better by staying at home and avoiding exercise.

Exercise is great from decreasing stress and depression and can help you sleep better and especially outdoors in the fresh air in a friendly group environment you work harder and get better physiological and psychological benefits / rewards.

If you want an extra challenge jump on my super scales and do a 6 week challenge blast it out. Get the best after photos measurements and results you can. You can honestly do it with a bit of willpower.

The only person from stopping you wowing your friends, family and colleagues is YOU!

Commitment and attendance = results

Monday 17th February

Rob’s results:

Body fat 12.8%
Hydration 61.9%
Metabolic age 16* (I’m 31 years old)

I’m just into the green healthy normal zone just above the yellow under fat zone. I’ll lose 1% more body fat by the London marathon to reach my optimal racing weight / stats.

My wife Claire’s results after having two boys and only training 1-2 times a week:

Body fat 22%
Hydration 58%
Metabolic age 22* (she’s 37 years old)

Claire had a very good clean January no alcohol ice cream rubbish snacks drank lots of water and ate 5 times a day (our portion sizes are pretty big!)

She actually lost a bit too much body fat and is 2% into the yellow under fat zone so I told her to have a few more fatty treats a couple times a week (good & bad fats) and she’s having a few drinks a week so she’ll go into the low healthy part of the green zone soon.

* The scales only go 15 years either side of your real chronological age so 16 and 22 was the best lowest possible results we could have seen. The worst fifteen years over too much body fat and not enough lean toned muscle mass would have given us 46 and 52 for our inner body age.

Movement is medicine! SEE YOU SOON 🙂

Mark Collage Side

Mark Collage Front

Mark Prize

Allyson Collage Front

Allyson Collage Side

Allyson Prize