Some people say ‘no pain no gain’ when it comes to their training regime which is what they’re probably heard on some war films when the drill seargents are shouting at the new recruits. For most people though it is a step too far.

When your body throws up it is a defence mechanism to get out all the harmful toxins and waste products (mainly lactic acid) which has accumulated from a training session gone horribly wrong. Even if you feel like you might throw up then you might have pushed it just that little bit too far.

The whole aim of a training session is to progressively train your body so it makes small adaptations along the way helping you to reach your goals.
If you throw up you’ll be depleting your body of much needed water and nutrients which means it will take your body longer to recover and the whole session would have been a waste of time.

If you’re training for 45 minutes but feel sick for 10 minutes off it then you’ll automatically have to take it easier during those 10 minutes or even sit down to rest which cuts down the amount of calories you’ll be burning etc.

Top athletes train hard every day of their lives with sport psychologists, top coaches and nutritionists etc and they never deliberately take themselves to the point of throwing up so neither should you 🙂 Work in your own limits even at 90-95% of your max that’s still an intense workout!