ALEX & JASON might randomly be at some sessions to cover me as struggling with babysitting this week. My wife Claire is 50% long haul cabin crew and is currently doing a back to back USA trip. Flies to New York 24 hours there then flies back here for 24 hours then flies to Washington for 24 hours then back here for rest days but with all the time in the air it’s a 5 day trip and some of our family are ill and busy but you’ll enjoy the change from Jason’s and Alex’s sessions and gives me a bit more chance to recover too.

Claire does one month on one month off and this mornth she’s not got any annual leave so it’s pretty hardcore. I’ve said that she should put in for 33% contract so she’s here a bit more as crazy juggling babysitting around my busy work.

Howdy, I’m not competing at Cranleigh 20 mile Spitfire race this Sunday 16th even though I’ve paid for it 🙁 So I’ll run the 1000+ this Sunday 16th March 9:45am till 11:15am. It’s going to be lovely warm, dry and sunny.

My antibiotics finish Thursday evening and I’ll listen to that post and go gentle easy run this Tuesday and start easing myself back into my training schedule from Thursday onwards and will have to re jig it all and start running shorter distances on more consecutive days and fit my 2 long important 20 mile runs in a few weeks time before I do a much shorter taper as these two weeks have been a complete rest and break from training.

Not long now before you never have to hear about running again.

I think Graham G has done 2-3 races so far plus he’s Cranleigh this Sunday Brookands half and breakfast 16m so he’s going for it on the races which are expensive and add up but way more enjoyable and beneficial then training by yourself.

I wouldn’t have done any races at all none zero when I do London marathon and they say that’s a big pitfall / mistake but hey ho what can you do when you’re as sick as a teady bear with a bandage on it’s head and a thermometer in it’s mouth hehe 🙂 PUB SOCIAL this Sunday evening.