Well done to all my outdoor boot camp members’ and one to one personal training clients who continued their fitness training through the coldest winter in 30 years.

It’s very beneficial to train all year round. Some people slow down and don’t do as much during the winter which means they have to work a lot harder in spring and summertime to get their fitness back up. It’s also good to train in all seasons as your body’s immune system becomes stronger and you’re less likely to catch common colds.

When you train in the winter you burn more calories from your body trying to keep warm and when you get a bit wet from the rain you also burn more calories as your body tries to evaporate the water that is on your skin.

Boot camps last for 45 minutes and after the warm up everyone soon warms up and most people end up removing a few layers of clothes. 45 minutes of work for boot camp or 60 minutes for personal training then a short walk, jog, cycle or drive and you’re back home in the shower!

This is the first winter that I have ever done any outdoor training on snow and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. The snow was dry, crisp and clean and was good to jog and sprint on and actually made the sessions a bit more challenging as the leg muscles have to work harder to move through the snow. My members and clients who turned up said they enjoyed the sessions too!