Breakfast and NEAT

Q. What is the most important meal of the day?
A. Breakfast

Q. What is NEAT?
A. NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogensis and is all the other little bits of physical activity you do throughout the day like walking to the bus station, climbing 4 flights of stairs, standing on the tube etc.

Following on from my previous newsletter talking about the benefits of hydration and potassium (the last paragraph is very important if you managed to read down that far hehe!) saying that hydration at breakfast is the most important time.

Try NEAT At Breakfast

For breakfast I have a protein fitness shake with milk (300ml), I have a mango aloe drink (150ml), I have a cup of thermo tea (100ml), a non fat bio yogurt and a banana.

That’s 550ml of liquid (plus an easily digested yogurt / banana) for breakfast which is more liquids than some people might have for the first 4-5 hours of their day.

What that does is really hydrates me after my 7-8 hours of sleep and not taking on any fluids as you’re always at your most dehydrated first thing in the morning.
It kick starts my metabolism which increases my energy levels and helps me digest my breakfast and also helps to hydrate me making my digestion better and more beneficial throughout the rest of the day.
Because I’ve been laying down for 7-8 hours I don’t eat my breakfast sitting down at the breakfast bar but I walk around or stand up and eat / drink my breakfast which starts my circulation and helps to burn a few calories before I sit in the car and drive to my first PT client / boot camp.
Some people might sleep for 8 hours laying down, then sit down for breakfast, then sit down in their car, on a bus or a train for an hour before getting to work – that’s a long time to go without doing any NEAT.

Try it for a 7 days and see how it makes you feel – ‘Movement Is Medicine’.