Best Milk To Drink

After I finished personal training this afternoon I popped into the Burpham Sainsbury’s on the way home to pick up a few bits and I put a whole fat milk / semi skimmed milk / fully skimmed 1% fat milk on the shelve in front of me so I could compare their Guideline Daily Allowances (GDAs) / nutritional benefit and danger zones.
The whole fat obviously had the higher calories and the higher fat content but I had to buy that anyway for our two year old toddler.
There’s quite a lot of difference in fat levels from the semi skimmed compared to the 1% fat more skimmed skimmed so I went for that one which is the orange top / orange packaging if you shop in Sainsbury’s.

The fully fully 0.1% fat skimmed normally red top milk has the lowest amount of fat on it but doesn’t have the same vitamins and minerals content as the 1% or semi skimmed versions.

I came home and googled healthiest milk and by a freaky coincidence The Daily Mail just published an article today which if you read it through shows the 1% fat (more skimmed) milk to be the most beneficial overall:
The above article talks about all the types of milk apart from Almond milk so I googled that and found the below informative article just in case you want to avoid cow, soy or rice milk: