Here’s a list of some beneficial fluids to drink during the day, before, during or after exercise:

– Water (sip throughout the day / during exercise)
– Sugar free squash (” “)
– Fruit flavoured, calorie free waters (” “)
– Sports drinks with carbohydrates (during or after exercise)
– Sports drinks with sodium / electrolytes (” “)
– Use hydration backpacks such as camelbak / platypus (for long hikes, runs or cycles)
– Drink caffeine free teas such as Green Tea / RedBush Tea / White Tea / Jasmine Tea / Peppermint Tea…

Drink until your urine is pale yellow. This is a great way to tell whether or not you’re dehydrated. Pale yellow = good. Dark yellow = really bad.

Visit this BBC link to find out how to make your own sports drinks: