Activities carried out sitting down such as watching TV, playing computer games (Wii excluded), surfing the internet or reading a book do not require any physical effort to complete and therefore don’t burn any calories.

Any sort of movement of your body burns calories in order to move your muscles and joints which then moves your skeletal system. Movement increases your blood circulation and also generates heat which increases your metabolism. Sitting down for a long period makes your body very relaxed and sometimes cold which slows your metabolism and can create more fat as insulating layers.

People normally associate Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) with long haul flying but there have been cases of people having severe health threats from DVT from sitting at their computers for too long.

Try not to spend too much time sitting down in anyone period. Get up and walk around as often as possible and loosen of your ankles, legs, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck and stand up straight to improve your posture.