The Met Office has said last month was the wettest November on record, with an average of 217.4mm (8.6in) of rain across the UK.

The previous recorded average of 193.6mm (7.6in) dates back to 1951.

Well done to all my boot camp members who came out and trained through the wet conditions. The sessions only last for 45 minutes so if you turn up wearing sensible clothing then you should stay warm and dry and still be able to have a good beneficial workout.

I’ve got Gore-Tex waterproof trainers, water resistant tracksuit bottoms, a waterproof golf jacket, waterproof gloves and a water resistant hat that keep me warm and dry whilst I run the outdoor boot camp sessions for my members. I picked them up from different places like TK Max, Sports Direct and eBay.

When I used to be in the Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) we used to say ‘If it aint raining, it aint training!’.

If you can enjoy the sessions through the wintertime then you’ll love them in the summertime!