15 mins FREE yoga this Sunday after Alex’s hill club. Kate will do extra good stuff 10.45am till 11am. Bring your mat if you want to stay on. Lovely scenic warm yoga learn some new stretches, enjoy 🙂

Alex in a black VW golf has the mats, cones and protein bars. He’ll meet you near the barrier at 9.40am for a 9.45am start.

Same drills that we do so you can try to get more hills or distance in your 25 minutes hills.

> Leave keys in Alex’s car

> Warm up leave mats water bottles near bench

> From the bottom to the top for 25 minutes 10 15 or 20 tricep dips on the barrier then head down to the bench or mat on floor 10 15 or 20 press ups. Then down to the bottom few leg swings before repeating.

> Then circuits 35 secs first time 30 secs second time try to change stations as quick as you can

15 metre sprints
Squat jumps
Outside mountain climbers
Side steps or riding horse
Press up legs splits on long grass

> Grand finale bottom to the bench for 3-4 minutes before a stretch with Alex grab the protein bar and keys and further stretching YOGA with Kate 🙂

Book and pay online in advance as normal cheers.