Some people when they start training set themselves unrealistic / unachievable goals and when they’re not progressing as fast as they would like to they give up and go back to doing what they were doing before.

It’s better to set yourself short term achievable goals which give you a goal to tick off before progressing onto the next goal.

The short term goals will come around a lot quicker than long term goals and will help you to stay motivated and follow your programme.

Some people aspire to run a full marathon (26.2 miles) which for most people takes at least 6 months of discipline and hard work to train for properly to run the whole distance.

Whilst the marathon is a great event to complete it might be too far for some people who haven’t got the time to put the training in.

A shorter and more achievable distance is a 10k run (6.2 miles) which some people find more enjoyable as they complete it a lot quicker and there are more 10k runs throughout the year then marathons which are good if people are trying to beat their previous times.

You can use a Google search to find all swimming, cycling, running, rowing, triathlon events etc in your local area and you can choose the ones that interest you the most and you think you can work towards to complete.

There are lots of 5km runs too around if you google Surrey 5km or West Sussex 5km etc it should come up with a whole list of them and dates for you to work towards. 5km is the shortest race distance so just completing it would be a great reward for you and if you enter more in the future then you can aim to shave some time of your previous best.

Sunday 6th September Newlands Corner, Guildford I’m running my popular and sociable all ages and abilities cross country WALK and run which comes with a medal, 3 x protein bars and free HD photos and you can walk / jog or run 1-5 laps (3km, 6km, 9km, 12km or 15km) strict limit of just 60 runners so it really is a nice little event for you to work towards!

Good luck for any events you enter 🙂