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We hope that we have answered most of your frequently asked questions but if there is something that we have not covered please let us know and we will add it.

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We are a busy team of mobile personal trainers driving from one boot camp / 121 or corporate personal training location to another and we are not with our mobile phones too often.

If you are having trouble booking your session on our automated timetable or need to contact us regarding another topic please visit our Contact page. The best way to contact us is via e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you soon, thanks – The Get Fit Boot Camp Team.

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What do I need to bring and wear?

Good supportive comfortable trainers with a thick sole. Shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit, sweatshirt, running / gym clothes etc. Try to wear a couple of thin layers rather than one thick layer as it’s easier to remove a layer if you get too hot.

Gym training gloves might be a good idea as you will be doing some exercises on benches and holding onto kettlebells etc.

An old beach towel or a cheap yoga mat or exercise mat. You will do all of the floor exercises on mats so that you don’t get muddy.

Water bottle / plenty of water for before, during and after the session.

If it’s cold then you might want to bring some warm gloves and a hat, if it’s hot and sunny then you might want to apply some water resistant sunscreen. A Gore-Tex waterproof or rain resistant jacket is handy for wet sessions.

Please avoid bringing valuables with you, as we cannot be held responsible for any losses.

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Will the sessions ever be cancelled?

Sessions will only be cancelled in extraordinary circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions like the foot of snow that fell and laid in Surrey in February 2009 and that made the roads un-driveable.

During the snow that fell in Surrey in January 2011 we still ran the boot camps as the roads were fine to drive on and the members who turned up said they had fun training in the snow.

We’ve done approximately 60 sessions in the snow so far and it’s like training in ‘Narnia’ – you can see 16 of our members having a great time at one of our sessions on our Facebook photo albums page and they all got very hot and took of layers!

For any sessions that cannot take place and that you have paid for then you will receive a full refund via PayPal within 48 hours.

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Does boot camp ever end?

No, we run them all year long in all weathers and all seasons. We have an excellent team of friendly, experienced, fully qualified and insured personal trainers and we try our best to make sure that every session is covered.

There might be an occasional few days throughout the year that a few members of the team are on holiday / not available to run them but you’ll be able to see from the timetable which ones are not on as normal and we will also mention them in our newsletters.

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What if it’s dark during the winter early morning and evening sessions?

Our fat burning and body toning sessions run all year round. All ours are run in very good and safe locations and there is plenty of light from the car park lights / street lights. It’s beneficial to keep training all year round so you don’t lose the fitness that you acquired during the summer months.

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What if it rains during the outdoor boot camps?

The sessions will still take place even if it is raining. If the forecast is ‘iffy’ then bring a baseball gap or light thin waterproof / water resistant jacket to keep you drier. It’s good to exercise in the rain as your body burns more calories trying to evaporate the water that is on your skin. You’ll soon be warm after just 5 minutes and be amazed that you’ll be wanting to take off layers!

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