Good supportive comfortable trainers with a thick sole. Shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit, sweatshirt, running / gym clothes etc. Try to wear a couple of thin layers rather than one thick layer as it’s easier to remove a layer if you get too hot.

Gym training gloves might be a good idea as you will be doing some exercises on benches and holding onto kettlebells etc.

An old beach towel or a cheap yoga mat or exercise mat. You will do all of the floor exercises on mats so that you don’t get muddy.

Water bottle / plenty of water for before, during and after the session.

If it’s cold then you might want to bring some warm gloves and a hat, if it’s hot and sunny then you might want to apply some water resistant sunscreen. A Gore-Tex waterproof or rain resistant jacket is handy for wet sessions.

Please avoid bringing valuables with you, as we cannot be held responsible for any losses.