The only way you can ‘freeze’ your monthly plan subscription is by clicking on the PayPal cancel standing order link* below.

Then when you would like to rejoin, you can again just like you did before via our > Membership & Prices page.

Many gyms charge £7 to £15 per month to freeze your membership and you cannot benefit from any of their services during that time.

If you’re ill or injured or recovering from an operation we can still coach / motivate you via e-mail and advise you what exercises you can do to keep things ticking over so that you can get straight back into it once you are fitter and work towards your goals again.

PayPal will send us a notification e-mail if you ‘freeze’ / cancel your monthly plan subscription.

* Over the below Unsubscribe link Right Click and click ‘Open link in new tab’ then a PayPal page will appear, after you log into PayPal it will show you our subscription which you can easily cancel.

Many thanks – The Get Fit Boot Camp Team.