Pat (Age 62) – I took Rob’s challenge because I didn’t believe I could lose those extra pounds I’ve put on over the years. I attend his boot camp regularly which certainly keeps the fitness level up but needed some extra help to lose the body fat. The fact that his challenge offered a detailed weigh-in on his super scales with specific personal guidance just seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

It was harder to lose the pounds than I had expected. I now realise I hadn’t taken into account important factors such as the amount of water and protein my body required to lose the fat.

I increased my level of exercise throughout the week and when I wasn’t attending boot camp I went for runs and devised my own resistance workout of about 15 minutes around the house incorporating dining chairs and kitchen counters!

Thanks Rob for your guidance and encouragement.

Pat Collage Front






Pat Collage Side







  • Lost 5.2 lbs in Weight

  • Lost 2.4% Body Fat

  • Lost 3cm from Waist

  • Decreased Metabolic Age by 7 years