Andrew (Age 31) – I really enjoyed the 6 week challenge. It was long enough to make a real difference to my fitness / physique but short enough that keeping motivation wasn’t too hard. The main things I changed were:

1. Ensured I ate regularly (2.5-3hrs) and consumed a decent amount of protein at almost every meal so that I was meeting my protein goals for the day.
2. Increased my number of sessions from 1-2 per week to 3-5 per week. (Specifically I added 1 extra 45 min boot camp and a few extra 10 minute mini sessions in the evening each week).

I really enjoy the boot camp / circuits because that style of exercise works for me to improve my fitness & physique, but also because they’re fun & sociable and even a bit competitive where you want them to be.  This all helps with the motivation to keep coming along.

The weigh-in was quick & easy on the super scales and is a good way of accurately tracking how much difference the eating & exercising is making and therefore providing that positive feedback mechanism which also helps with motivation. Your tips like counting protein & not calories and some specific food suggestions were also very helpful. Thanks for all your help Rob.

Andrew Collage Front






Andrew Collage Side







  • Lost 3.3% Body Fat

  • Increased Muscle Mass by 1.9kg