Fun, challenging and effective 2.5 hour all body workouts that burn 1500+ calories.

They take place at director Rob Dale’s home in West Chiltington, Pulborough, West Sussex (full directions will be e-mailed to you after payment).

Free parking, toilet and space to chaange.

Limited to just 8 people.

All ages and abilities.

* Example timings:

10am – optional super weigh in for people who turn up early

10:15am – 30 mins of walking or running up and down a local gentle hill
10:45am – 5 mins break

10:50am – 40 mins of circuit training / kettlebells
11:30am – 10 mins boxercise
11:40am – 5 mins break

11:45am – 35 mins of general yoga / pilates / stretching

12:20pm – cup of tea / coffee / orange juice / healthy snack / chat and depart (super weigh in)

* The above timings may run over by a few minutes.

> For the warm up run or jog you can do the whole 30 mins on the road or I can show you a cross country section to make it a few hundred metres longer.
> If you do the whole thing on the road then road exercise trainers are fine. If you want to do a little bit cross country then trail trainers might be beneficial (especially in the winter) and if you wanted to you could always bring two sets of trainers.
> There are 2-3 segments on the free fitness app STRAVA if you want to use your GPS watch or mobile phone to track your results and come back for a personal record (PR) in the future!

> If it is raining or very cold then we can do the circuit training / boxercise etc in a double garage whilst listenining to music.
> If the weather is nice / warm then we can do the majority or all of the session outdoors on a scenic patio whilst listening to music (in wintertime we would still do the yoga and stretches indoors at the end).

> Bring a towel / exercise yoga mat.

> Bring a large water bottle with you and if you run out you can fill it back up. There are a few local pubs that are great for lunch afterwards. For people coming from Guildford you will pass Fishers Farm Park which is great for children of all ages so you could always drop your children and partner off their and meet them afterwards.

These super workouts are great for increasing your metabolism and improving your fitness and will take place once every 6-8 weeks on a Sunday morning.

Price: £20 per person (£37 per couple)