Money Back Guarantee

As a results driven company we are looking for all of our members to get fitter and leaner which is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee and the 6 week fitness challenge below. If you attend at least one of our group personal training sessions per week for six weeks and follow one of our diet plans / nutrition tips from our newsletters and still aren’t happy with your results then we will refund your full membership fees.

£25 Cash Prize For You Hitting Your Personal Goals

It’s competition time!  Bring on the fat burn!  Beat the scales!  Drop a clothes size or two!  Are you disciplined, committed and motivated to reach your pinnacle goals?

Would you like your friends, family & colleagues to say: ‘Wow, you look amazing! How did you do it?’

Would you like us to give you £25 cash to look and feel amazing?  That would be nice wouldn’t it!  Well, you can have all the above by entering our health challenge / competition.

6 Week Challenge – Terms and Conditions

COST = £40 for initial in-depth super weigh in and £10 for your check up so you can win back half your investment (add £10 to each item for a couple / pair).

1. You have to get on our super scales for a starting point.

2. We will take your measurements for a starting point.

3. We will take a proper professional before photo.

4. We will sit down together and examine your current lifestyle and commitments and then set you two or three short term achievable 6 week targets.

For example:-

– Lose 6-8 pounds
– Decrease body fat by 2-2.5%
– Decrease metabolic age by 7 years
– Decrease visceral fat by 2 levels
– Increase hydration by 3%
– Increase muscle mass by 3 lbs etc

These targets will be individual and different for everyone.

5. After the 6 week period we will re-weigh, measure and photo you for the after results*.

6. If you have achieved or smashed your goals then we’ll hand you a certificate and £25 cash prize to spend on whatever you like.

 *6a. If you are very close but haven’t quite achieved your personalised targets then we will work on a way to change your diet, lifestyle and exercise routine and you can come back in a fortnight and hopefully win the cash prize then (+ £10 check up so work hard!).

7. All we ask for in return is that if you are happy with your results you would be kind enough to write us a testimonial and give us permission to use your photos on our website and on Facebook.

Your committing to the ‘super weigh-in’ and the ‘before photos’ will spur you on to have the healthiest and fittest 6 weeks of your life. After the 6 weeks of hard work and discipline you will have a real sense of achievement and a much easier task in maintaining your new super body and fitness and a great start in working towards your long term goals.

WIN Back Half Your Investment… Commitment and Attendance = Results!

Algarve Beach Boot Camp 2013


Snow Boot Camp 2011

Algarve Beach Boot Camp 2013

Snow Boot Camp 2011

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