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Date(s) - 06/09/2015
09:15 - 11:15

Newlands Corner, Shere, Guildford


Sunday 6th September Р9.15am РArea of Outstanding Natural Beauty Рvery scenic cross country undulating hilly FELL run / walk, limit 60 spaces!

Choose approximately 3 km, 6 km, 9 km, 12 km or 15 km but don’t be fooled by the distance! It’s all off road, mostly on firm grass walking tracks, one of the hills (uphill ascent) is all chalk so expect some stones / gravel, chalk, mud and grass and wear suitable exercise clothing, sturdy road trainers or cross country / off road trail trainers (no spikes allowed).

It’s a challenging and enjoyable route that you can complete 1-5 times to suit your own fitness levels and there’s no shame if you need to (briskly) walk up some of the hills if you get ‘jelly legs’ but there’s plenty of flat and downhill to let your legs recover too!

If for example, you were originally aiming for 4 laps but only want to complete 3 that’s fine just let the official timekeeper know and they’ll write down your finish time. Times will be posted on our social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+) and via e-mail 48 hours after the event.

We’ll meet, start and finish on the scenic hillside of the barrier opposite the visitor centre / zebra crossing and there will be a health & safety and route description at 9.10am. Please be quiet and listen in and jog on the spot to keep yourself warm.

The race starts prompt at 9.15am – please arrive no later than 20 minutes before the start so you have plenty of time to get and fit your race bib number to your top and get your whereabouts. We will hand them out along with 4 safety pins near the start point (just ask a member of the team wearing a high visibility jacket / Get Fit Boot Camp t-shirt).

Parking / Postcode:
Please SatNav to GU4 8SE and park in the free car park. Try to carshare where possible or cycle if you can (there are plenty of trees to lock your bike to) – Drove Road (corner of Shere Road A25).

There are permanent indoor male and female toilets located in a block and sign posted behind the cafe / visitor centre.

Changing Rooms:
There are no changing facilities available but you could use the toilets.

Hot Food / Drinks:
There is an excellent permanent cafe 50 metres from where we start and finish which is great for spectators. They have a shelter there and serve hot and cold drinks and food. The Get Fit Boot Camp team will be going there afterwards too!

Free Photos:
Around the course there will be 1-2 photographers and we’ll upload the photos to a public photo album 48 hours after the event finishes and you can download any that you want full size for free ūüôā

There will be a medal waiting for you when you’ve finished. The finish line and extra laps are at the same point so when you have told the timekeeper that you’ve finished walk towards the barrier and someone will give you your medal and goody bag (well done!)

Goody bag:
Inside the goody bag you’ll find 3 x protein bars (10g protein / 15g carbs, low calories, low fat and tasty – 1 citrus lemon / 1 chocolate peanut / 1 vanilla almond – please be advised that they may contain nuts) you’ll also receive 1 x water bottle.

First Aid / Weather / Your Personal Safety / Water Stops:
There will be 2-4 first aiders dotted around the course with a first aid kit and they will have mobile phones with them just in case the emergency services are required. Lots of people go walking, running and mountain biking around the route throughout the year. Please stay focused and keep an eye out on the floor for any rabbit holes etc. The event will take part during any weather (except for deep snow!). Water stop every 3 km lap.

Health Questionnaire (Important):
If booking in advance (or reading this in advance) please fill out our online health questionnaire NOW by clicking this link:

Complete health questionnaire

Age Limit / Dogs / Time Limit
All participants need to be 18 years+. Racing dogs / canicross / canicrossing / canicrossers are allowed but are required to start at the back of the pack 5 minutes after the official start time (your time will be adjusted afterwards) please keep an eye over your shoulder and allow faster runners to overtake. There is a 1.5 hour time limit cut off. You can still complete more laps but you may not receive an official finish time. The timekeeper / large digital clock will tell you when 70-75 minutes has passed and you can decide whether you can fit one more lap in.

£17.50 early bird in advance via our bookings timetable (early bird price expires 29th August at midnight)
£20 from 30th August onwards via our bookings timetable (sorry no cheque payments are accepted)

Our bookings timetable system BELOW is very easy to use and takes payments securely via PayPal (credit / debit cards) and if you have any trouble using it please visit our timetable guide which has screenshots here: www.getfitbootcamp.co.uk/timetable-guide

Please keep the area tidy and use the bins provided.

Newlands Corner, Guildford overlooking Albury & Shere. Distances and elevations are approximate:

1 lap.       3.1 km / 1.9 miles  Р 80 metres / 262 feet elevation gain
2. laps.   6.2 km / 3.9 miles  Р 160 metres / 524 feet elevation gain
3 laps.    9.3 km / 5.8 miles  Р 240 metres / 786 feet elevation gain
4 laps.    12.4 km / 7.7 miles  Р 320 metres / 1048 feet elevation gain
5 laps.    15.5 km / 9.6 miles  Р 400 metres / 1310 feet elevation gain

To view the Strava (free APP) Full 5 laps + Segments Route Map click here > here

Withdrawals, Transfers and Cancellations
From the moment we begin to organise an event, we start to incur costs.¬† Your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event ‚Äď everything from hiring the land from Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT registered charity), to safety pins, from race numbers to marketing.¬† Organising any event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense.¬† For this reason we are not able to refund or transfer your entry to another event.

However, in the event you are not able to run / walk, if you can find a replacement, your place may be transferred.  Please contact Rob at info@getfitbootcamp.co.uk with any changes. A donation from the cross country race will go to SWT.

The deadline for any changes is Friday 4th September.  Most race directors will charge an administration fee for this service, we do not.  Please do not run / walk with someone else’s number, you will not be covered under our insurance and in the event of you becoming unwell out on the course, we will not have any contact details for you or your family (google Guildford, Surrey 5 km 10 km 15km).

If the Get Fit Boot Camp Cross Country Race cannot go ahead, for whatever reason, we will endeavour to contact you via email.  All updates will be posted on the front page of the event website.  Runners will be given the option of transferring their entry to a revised date, (if rescheduled) or another one of our events specified.

Valuables / Key Drop
Please try to put your car key in a secure running top / running shorts or trousers zip pocket but if you can’t we will have a key bag drop person looking after them and you’ll have to sign them in and out (Get Fit Boot Camp does not accept any¬†responsibility¬†for your¬†valuables).

Spaces / Number of Entrants:
Strictly limited to just 60¬†participants¬†– please book below in advance to avoid disappointment and e-mail us if you have any questions that aren’t covered above and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Bookings are closed for this event.